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We were offered a free booth at this years fosscon so I am putting forth my bid to own this event (unless someone local would like it)


June 19th, 2010


Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.


I Justin "threethirty" O'Brien live in Indiana, I'm not terribly far away but I would need financial help.


At the booth we can hand out swag, let people play with F13 (I have two laptops and a eeepc so we could show off the main, kde/design/other and moblin spins) answer questions


The cost of this event would be somewhere in the $600-$1000 range (1000 being worst case scenario) that breaks down this way:

Flight: $195-$428

Hotel: $59-$150

Flight & Hotel together $400-$700 again

Cabs: $30 ( says the ride from the airport would about $8 but I've never been to NY so I don't know if that is true) this bit may not be needed Mel (mchua) is going to be at the event and has offered to pick me up


These are all so broad because I have little to no knowledge of the area. If someone with knowledge of the area would care to hop in here and help me out that would be awesome. Also I know this page looks terrible I'm still working on my wiki-fu