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Chris Jones

Email: foxmulder AT fedoraproject DOT org

Activities within Fedora

I have been dabbling with Fedora releases since Fedora Core 5, which still remains one of my favorite Linux releases due to its rock solid stability and reliability. Then I have to admit, I did make myself absent from Fedora releases for a couple of years in favor of other distributions, until Fedora 11 came along and re-ignited my interest in Fedora and Red Hat.

Past Linux involvement

I originally got involved with Linux with SUSE 8 which at the time came free with a magazine I had bought. Back then, I had no idea what Unix/Linux was or how it worked. But I have Novell and SUSE 8 to thank for sparking my interest in Linux which would last for years to come and get stronger as Linux development evolved. Over the years I've also played around in the Unix world with FreeBSD, NetBSD and more recently Oracle Solaris 11. But the more I got involved with Linux, I became interested in the development side of things. So I studied The Shuttleworth Foundation Linux Fundamentals course and plan to extend to Linux System Administration and Network Administration.

I was previously Co-Maintainer of the Fedora Design Suite Spin. I worked closely with the Design Suite Spin Owner and Maintainer to assist in the immediate and future direction of the Spin. In addition, I also assisted with development and maintenance of the Spin's kickstart configuration file. After my brief yet enjoyable stint with the Design Suite Spin development team, I voluntarily resigned.

Current Linux involvement

After leaving the Fedora Design Suite Spin development team, I had a short break whilst I planned where my next project would be. I was the presented with the opportunity of joining the development team of Fusion Linux, another Fedora Desktop Spin distribution and assisting the Spin owner.

Currently I have several projects in the works for Fusion Linux and several more planned for the near future. I am really happy to be a part of the team and helping with the development and direction of the Fusion Linux Spin.

Future plans

I plan to continue to be a part of the Fusion Linux development team and carry out all of my current and future plans for the Spin distribution.