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My name is _________________, and I'm a Fedora Contributor from _____________________. It's my pleasure to serve you in this FreeMedia activity.

Before I dispatch the Fedora 20 {i386 or x86_64} DVD you requested to your address, I'd like to remind you of the following details about our FreeMedia program and the media you'll be receiving:

  • The DVD you'll receive is a standard blank DVD, burned with a Fedora 20 image on my personally owned DVD burner. The surface is not pre-printed, although I'll label it so you can identify it easily.
  • If you have broadband internet access, I would recommend that you download Fedora 20 from the internet yourself. You can locate a mirror located near you geographically at In case you decide to download it, please update me so that I can send the DVD to someone who may be in need.
  • Once you have your DVD, please do remember to share it and your experience with Fedora with people you know! You can help promote Fedora and free and open source software by making copies for other people, which is not only legal but encouraged.