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During the days of September 17 and October 1, 2012, was held at the Free Software Generation Y in particular Fedora partnership with Generations Foundation, the city of Campinas, São Paulo. The purpose is to spread Free Software in particular Fedora and Mozilla Firefox, taking the audience of Generation Y or Generation of the Internet, the best free software world and the awareness that with free software you can do absolutely everything! ;)

The event was structured in a way that was possible participants, understand how works of Latin American Fedora Project, Fedora 17 and OS Mozilla Firefox (browser pre-installed on Fedora), and still was able to explore the features of Fedora and Mozilla Firefox through computers running Fedora 17 in Live CD at the event, participants also took the Fedora Live-CD home, so you can continue using the operating system at home, at work or sharing with friends, being an important strategy promotion of Fedora.

Free Software for Generation Y The Free Software Generation Y is a project of promotional event, formatted to be held during class on basic computer Generations Foundation. This action aims to disseminate and promote the young audience the goals and ideas of free software.

Conceived by the Fedora Project Ambassador in Brazil, Geraldo Barros, Free Software Generation Y will have as main objective to make entertaining activities for young audiences in various forms since that will show Linux distributions until the application installation workshops distributions Linux promoted by local gifts, seeking to promote free software to participants.

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