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GFOSS Conference 2010

When and Where

16 May 2010 - Thessaloniki, Greece

The conference will be held in Athens but there will be a parallel event in Thessaloniki,too.We will have a big booth and Christos Bacharakis is going to give a speech about the aid of fedora in education in Greece.

GFOSS Conference 2010

Items to Bring

  • Demo laptops
    • Laptop/EEEPC 900(chr)
    • EeePC 1001HA (gkon)
  • 4F Posters (chr)
  • Fedora Logo Poster (A4-sized) (gkon)
  • Fedora Live USB Creation Station (η εικόνα είναι εδώ)
  • Swag
    • 141 Flyers (chr)(gkon)
    • 49 Live CDs (chr)(gkon)(ios)
    • 5 KDE Live CDs, 3 Live DVDs Edu spin, 3 Live DVDs Games spin, 2 Live DVDs Electronic Lab spin (ios)
    • ~50 Buttons (chr)
    • 34 Stickers (chr)
    • 50 Greek Support flyers (chr)(gkon)
    • 8 A4 cheat cubes (chr)
    • 2 Cheat Cubes (small) (gkon)
    • 1 Cheat cube (A0 sized) (ios)
    • 27 Metallic small laptop stickers

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Sunday Clean-up Comments
Christos Bacharakis X X X Event Owner
Giannis Konstantinidis X X X Booth
Efstathios Iosifidis X X ? Booth



  • to be posted after the event