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GNU/Linux distributions day at ENISo


May 9th 2012

Event Description

I'll be giving a presentation about Fedora the distribution and the project at ENISo, a local Engineering school in Sousse, Tunisia.

This has been in the works for a while now and we arranged for the meeting to happen on Wed 9/5.

The idea was at first to do a special Fedora (half) day event, but then we thought to enlarge the scope and get also the local Ubuntu and OpenSuse representatives on board too for a an event called 'GNU/Linux Distributions day at ENISo'; so that students get the most benefit out of it.

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

(in order of addition)

# Name Comments
1 Ilyes Gouta presentation and Q&A session

Event Schedule


  • Booth setup
  • Gave a presentation about Fedora the distribution and Project
  • Extensive Q&A session

Available Swag

I've already previously ordered F16 media ( which I received and will be distributing after the presentation.

I'm also distributing Fedora stickers/logos I previously recovered from Fedora booth at FOSDEM 2011.

Event Reports

We ran the event successfully and got a lot of interaction with the students and the even the school staff there :) The message that's GNU/Linux distributions are a very viable alternative was clearly understood, and further explaining how participation and contribution is benefiting to both the participants and open source projects.

I distributed all the 100 Fedora 16 DVDs to students, these are a mixture of 32bit and 64bit installation DVDs and Fedora Live discs. I also distributed all Fedora stickers I previously recovered from Fedora @ FOSDEM 2011.

Pictures of the events are located here: [1] and (courtesy from Nizar Kerkeni from the Ubtuntu-tn loco), [2]