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Contact Information

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

I recently started working in IT department at Istanbul Technical University. All computers in student laboratories at ITU has Fedora pre-installed by IT. I frequently use these computers, and I would like to contribute to make it better.

I also tried Fedora several times on my personal computer. I was impressed with the advanced installation process, however due to my relations with Pardus distribution, I never had chance to use it as my primary operating system.

But the main reason is, I loved proposed project, and I will have a lot of fun while coding it! :)

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora project or with any another open source project as a contributor (if possible please add some references as well)?

I am an active developer at Pardus GNU/Linux project. I am maintaining few (server related) packages and working on voting system in Package Manager.

Here is my ohloh page.

Did you participate with the past GSoC programs, if so which years, which organizations?

I have proposed for an project for Pardus in GSoC 2010, however it was not accepted.

Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Fedora project after the GSoC 2012 program, if yes, which team(s)/area(s), you are interested with?

I would like to maintain my project and its package even years after this program. I might create patches for other packages that is related with this project (like apache, mysql, php), if I needed to.

Why should we choose you over the other applicants?

I have experience on both server management and web applications. I have used different hosting control panels including but not limited to cPanel/WHM and Plesk. I believe I understand what users wants to see/use, as I am also a user.