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Setting up GitLab as a FrontEnd for Fedora Hosted Repositories

Name  : Mrigesh Pokhrel
EMail  :
Current Address  : Satej Apartments, Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India
Mobile  : +91 9807585021
IRC  : rag3, rag3nix

Proposal Description


My proposal would involve using GitLab as a frontend for git repositories hosted by Fedora. GitHub has established itself as one of the top providers for social and community friendly project hosting. Their new sister project GitLab , which allows developers and organizations to host their own git repository is a very user friendly manner efficiently making use of git and GitHub. I would like to make active contributions to the progress of Fedora git repositories to GitLab self hosted service.

Benefit from the project

For the organization it would allow proper and efficient way of managing repositories and overviewing of code. Me myself having tried a localhost GitLab instance am acquainted with the benefits, stability and ease of use it provides to existing or new repositories.
For myself, it would allow me to actively contribute to one of my favourite linux distros and one of the most used distros used by linux users. Additionally it means I can hone my skills in programming and also get to learn from those who are much experienced than I am. The more I learn the more I can offer.

Relevant Experience

I have been active user of FOSS products , have been using Linux since 2006. Being an IT student programming is one of the things I like to do. I havent , yet , contributed to any FOSS project but I am very confident about my abilities. I wrote a simple ruby gem "linux-tools" that allows me or any user who uses this gem to execute commands like in bash. I have extensive knowledge in C, C++, JAVA (1.6,1.7) , Android Application Development, Ruby(1.8,1.9.3).

Timeline and Milestones

June 17th – June 30th

  1. Installation of GitLab according to the guide provided in GitLab repository. (Max 2 days)
  2. Performing tests and rectifying errors , staisfying unmet dependencies. (5 days)
  3. Discuss with mentors on any chances that need to made and if any errors arise ask for their guidance for the same. (2 days)
  4. Create a test project on the installation and check it for common git operations (pull, push , fetch , clone), ssh access(push/pull/fetch/clone), https access(push/pull/fetch/clone/browser). Rectify any errors. (3-5 days)

July 1st – July 29th

  1. Adding test users and some active users to GitLab implementation (ssh keys and other details) and monitoring the same for any errors. (5 days)
  2. Forking/adding a few of current projects, small enough that errors in migration and integration can be easily identified and big enough that the observation can be generalised. (15 days)
  3. Performing operations on the imported projects ,identifying errors, rectifying them and documenting everything done till date. (5 days)
  4. Making final preparations for midterm submissions, finishing any writeups and reports. Discussing with mentors and finally submitting them on August 2nd.

August 2nd

Midterm Submission

August 3rd and beyond

Making preparations to migrate other projects one by one while making sure the migration is smooth and rectifying errors or inconsistensies in one to one basis. Keeping in mind to maintain the original data without any loss of information like commit logs, comments, communication logs, etc.
I would not assign any end date for this as it might take much more than till end of GSOC'13 for this migration to finish successfully. 

GSOC '13 and Beyond

As this project cannot be restrained to just the timeline followed during GSOC '13 ,it is bound to be ,and should be extended after the end of program. It would allow me to be actively involved with the project and FOSS in general. I plan to make active contributions to this project and see it to the final stages, while along the way become a contributor in other projects as well.

Include your proposal here --Bckurera (talk) 17:42, 3 May 2013 (UTC)