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Contact Information

NOTE: We require all students to blog about the progress of their project. You are strongly encouraged to register on the Freenode network and participate in our IRC channels. For more nformation and other instructions, see:

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

  • I rely on Open Source for all my development work and other usages, so I always wanted to work and contribute in an Open Source organisation. I chose Fedora over other organisations because I found the fedora team members to be very supportive to their students and to all those seeking help. Moreover the Fedora projects uses proper programming standard in the projects. The fedora projects are made keeping in mind the ease of the users. Thus, these all good features made me to work with fedora project.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora project or another open source project as a contributor?

  • I have worked with Fedora design once. I once tried on an ticket in Fedora Design team :
I contributed into Open Street Maps by adding the data of my city into it.

Did you participate with the past GSoC programs, if so which years, which organizations?

  • No, this is my first time.

Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Fedora project after the GSoC 2013 program, if yes, which team(s), you are interested with?

  • Yes, sure. I am fond of Open source projects and would like to work with Geeklogs and Fedora Design team after GSOC’13

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

  • I am very much excited to work with Geeklog. I have already started reviewing it. I have understood what are improvements that need to be done in the new installation script and make the CMS more feasible to be used by a user.

Proposal Description

An overview of your proposal

This project aims at making a more effective and easy to use single step installation script of Geeklog. The installation script will also be changed to make it feasible to new Geeklog theme. The bug reporting during the installation to the user as well as developer will be included. The addition of options like making the user to shift the software from one database to other and changing the character set. Further the creation of RPM package of the Geeklog CMS will give an ease to the user.

The need you believe it fulfills

It makes the script more efficient, easy to use by the user and may be a single click installation script of the framework. This will also warn the users of the error if something goes wrong and how to change that. Addition of Character set conversion option and database migration options.

Any relevant experience you have

I have made various installation scripts but with shell scripting. I have also worked in PHP, so I think this experience will help me in moving on with the project. Here are the links all all these works :

I have also started learning the project’s previous installation scripts so as to get to know their working and what changes are required.

How you intend to implement your proposal

I have set the timeline and all the milestones, which I will rigorously try to achieve. Moreover I will do all the things under guidance of my mentor leaving no chance of it to be wrong. Along with the work I will make proper documentation and have proper management of the code. A unit test framework for Geeklog will be used do testing after each commit in code.

A rough timeline for my progress

17 June - 24 June:
I have studied the previous installation script and it asks for certain things to be done manually by the user. First of all I will make the script so much feasible to the user so that manual work reduces to the minimum.

25 June - 4 July:
Then change the Installation script and HTML files and other dependent files so that new installation script becomes feasible to Geeklog's new default theme "Modern Curve".

5 July - 15 July:
Work on Character set conversion. This include Character set conversion of existing database of Geeklog.

16 July - 23 July:
Then make an another option that offer the user to switch an existing site from MySQL to one of the other databases i.e migration of software from one database to another.

24 July - 25 July:
Back up days, for any backlogs or pending tasks.

26 July - 29 July:
Any pending tasks. Final go through, and preparation for mid term evaluation.

3 August - 13 August:
See whether the work done is compatible on all the users. Make validations checks and display user understandable error warnings whenever anything goes wrong by the user. The main thing will still need be done that is to create Geeklog RPM.

14 August - 30 August:
Create the Geeklog RPM and Geeklog debian pakage. This will make the installation process even lot more easier.

1 September - 9 September:
Complete pending works, Fixing bugs, implementing suggested changes, integrate all the changes and do the whole system testing.

September 10 onwards -
Improve the documentation, do strict evaluation and strict software testing.

Any other details you feel we should consider

I have made an Automation Software in Django(framework in Python) for Consultancy Department of our College. You can see it running here :

My interests also include designing. I made a banner and landing page for this website :

Have you communicated with a potential mentor? If so, who?

Yes I have contacted my mentor who is also the developer of Geeklog.
My mentor is Mr. Dirk Haun.

More info

Note: Make sure you have completed following task to get qualified, failing to complete any task will results in rejecting your application.

x You have subscribed with the summer-coding mailing list x Create a FAS account x Your application is available on the Fedora project wiki x Your application is submitted to google-melange