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Contact Information

Why Fedora Project?

My involvement with the Fedora Project started with GlitterGallery last summer, where I made significant contributions. I'm happy to see it progress! In the process, I have had chance to interact with many other Fedora contributors across various domains. In the spirit of giving back, I spend almost every weekend on a trip evangelizing Fedora and FOSS.

I'd like to continue improving GlitterGallery and learn new development principles in the process. Just like last time, my primary motivation to work with the Fedora project coming summer is to take GG to the next level.

Past involvement with the Fedora project/ other FOSS projects?

  • I've made substantial contributions to GlitterGallery[1].
  • I do quite some non-programmatic FOSS activity - updating Fedora wiki pages, speaking about FOSS at conferences, conducting hackfests in and around college. Recently I presented at FOSSASIA 2014 in the Fedora track about GlitterGallery[2]. I also did a workshop on getting started with FOSS techniques[3].




Past GSoC involvement

I participated in 2013 as a student with the Fedora project.

Post GSoC 2014 plans with Fedora project

Just as I've been contributing post GSoC 2013, I'll continue doing the same :-) I'm also working on an asknot fork for Fedora [4], so newbie contributors to Fedora project are not lost.


Why should we choose you over other applicants?

  • It wouldn't be wrong to say I know around the codebase really well, especially where we suck. I'm pretty certain I have outlined new ideas/bugfixes etc almost every week since last summer.
  • When I started last time, I was new to almost every tool we make use of - Git, RoR, front end stuff. Now that I have picked up skills, I can break (and occasionally make) things much faster than before. Add to that the joy of a summer break when I don't have school pressure and it translates to powerful improvements to GG.
  • My writing/art/speaking skills are fairly good, so I also come handy at maintaining wikis, answering questions, doing an occasional artwork and giving talks. Did I mention that through my evangelizing work at conferences, meetups and blogposts, GG's got new contributors?