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16 March: 19:00 UTC Student application period opens...
Deadline March 27, 1900 UTC !!!

Following are specific guidelines for the students to follow, who are interested in submitting an application for the GSoC program through the Fedora Project. Please go through carefully and follow them. Incomplete applications will not be entertained after the deadline.


Following criterion should be fulfilled on or before the application deadline unless otherwise specifically noted.

  1. Create a FAS account
  2. Join with fedora-summer-coding mailing list
  3. Submit application/proposal on Google-Melange

Remember to write about the following in your application.

  1. Details on your previous FOSS contributions (if any).
  2. A detailed plan with your planned activities in May to September (eg: Exams in university, internships, vacations..etc)

Bare mind - Remember to contact your mentor before you submit the application.

We do not accept any document after Google student application deadline, all entries make after the deadline is ignored unless you have not informed to Org Admins! However if you have any difficulty to meet this requirement please let us know in advance (before the deadline).


  • What is the need of a detailed plan of my activities?

It is important to get an idea about your free time and arrange things at the early stage. Therefore this is really important and try to make it accurate as much as possible.