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NOTE: We require all students to blog about the progress of their project. You are strongly encouraged to register on the Freenode network and participate in our IRC channels. For more information and other instructions contact Org Admins.

please answer following questions

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

There are a couple reasons. Originally, I wanted to switch to a Linux distro to really get a feel for Linux as opposed to having it relegated to a VM for special edge-cases (ex. Now I need Metasploit to do X in security competition Y, better fire up that Kali VM). I ended up going with Fedora because of its association with Red Hat. (My very first exposure to Linux was via RHEL) Secondly, one of the things I've been noticing is the lack of readily available Fedora, CentOS, RHEL tutorials/guides. I'd like to build my skills and then give back. It's really frustrating to have a problem and see twenty posts across various forums only to have everyone be running Ubuntu or (some Debian derivative) and be of no help to an RPM-based distro. Ultimately, I chose Fedora over CentOS because it's at the forefront in terms of development. I'd rather be ahead of the curve than behind.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora project or any other open source project as a contributor?

No. Since I've been in college I've been pretty hesitant about open source, simply because it's operating on such a greater scale than in the academic setting. (Hey you as individuals make THIS do THAT vs I'm collaborating with a small army on something super cool)

Did you participate with the past GSoC programs, if so which years, which organizations?

No, if accepted this will be my first year in the program.

Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Fedora project after the GSoC 2014 program, if yes, which team(s), you are interested with?

Sure! For the past few weeks I've already been monitoring the Infrastructure Team's mailing list and hanging around in #fedora-admin to try to get a picture of how things work.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

Because I'm invested in the Fedora ecosystem and want to see it succeed. I believe my motivation and determination will be more than enough to make up for the fact that I've never participated in GSoC before.