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Fedora Infrastructure Web Application Development: Community Operations (CommOps)

Contact Information

Questions to answer

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

I want to work with the Fedora Project because I use Fedora many years and now I feel the power in me to start giving back.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora Project or another open-source project as a contributor?

I contribute to the PostgreSQL windows build scripts, pg_grab_statement and Postgres Pro (Postgres Professional version of PostgreSQL). Also I do maintain And now I'm writting PostgreSQL Mailing List Full-Text Search Engine (when the code will look ok I'll make sources available on github).

Have you participated in GSoC in the past? If so, what year(s) and which organization(s)?

No, I did not.

Do you plan to continue contributing to the Fedora Project after GSoC? If yes, what sub-project(s) are you interested with?

Yes, I want to become a regular contributor. I'm interested in Fedora Atomic.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

This is a good question. Maybe I do not have good algorithm skills, maybe a lack of theory and deep knowledge of many things I've used I getting things done. So I learn really fast, use opensource, love to work :)

So I have some experience in opensource projects and I know (I think) how to fix problems.

Also my goal is to become more open person (I had a lack of communications in my childhood).

Have you contributed to any other open source organizations or projects? If so, do you have artifacts you can show so we can see your skill set(s)?

As I already wrote above I do a little. Also, you could check my linkedin account. It has some certificates from Coursera.

Do you have any other open source experience (even if not coding-related)?

Yes, I did system administration :)

Proposal Description

Overview and The Need

So I choose CommOps idea because I think I need to level up my knowledge in front-end things such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and also to beat my fear of communication.

Any relevant experience you have

I really don't have experience in social media or another "people" stuff. But experience I have in things like programming and system administration is good :)

A rough timeline for your progress

I will available at Fridays and weekends this summer. And maybe I'll get another one day for GSoC in Red Hat office :) But I've seen no task in this idea so we could think together what is right for me and then we'll get terms and dates.

Final deliverable

First, I'm proud of myself I did this proposal. It's very big achievement for me :) Next, I want you to discuss my candidature so I will not do things bad.