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Fedora CommOps: Centralized Metrics generation: High priority task - Zsombor Szántó

Ruby and Python hobbyist, BI student at Corvinus University of Budapest

Contact information

About me

I'm from Hungary, I'm a freshman BI student at Corvinus University of Budapest, and a Fedora user since F19. Infrastructure tools and Linux on the server-side in general interest me a lot. I've been programming as a hobby for about 4 years, and I'm most comfortable in Python and Ruby. I'm passionate about free software as a user, and I'd like to contribute to Fedora to help make it even better.

Activities within Fedora

  • I'm a Fedora user for 3 years
  • I'd love to get involved with Fedora on CommOps team working on the metrics as a GSoC student
  • I got a small patch merged into statscache already #55

The project

I'm proposing a project for the "Fedora CommOps : Centralized Metrics generation" project idea, more specially the task:

"High Priority Custom statscache plugins for metrics

Post event metrics from badges. Metrics for FAS groups. Integrate fedora-stats-tool into statscache? Ability to generate weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly reports. Ability to export statistics in different formats. Well-documented code."


I don't take classes or work during the summer, I'll be unavailable partly on the first week of June.

  • May: Research the issue, and come up with the list of plugins needed
  • Until June 19: Implement the first 2 plugins, with tests and merge them into statscache_plugins
  • Until June 26: Implement all remaining plugins and create docs and intergation tests
  • Until 14 July 14: Integrate fedora-stats-tool and make generating graphs and reports work MVP
  • Until 24 July: Complete the report interface, write docs, and create cron jobs for auto run
  • Until 14 August: Write exporters for CSV and other formats for the reports
  • Until 24 August: Deploy to Fedora cloud the final solution