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prboom is a Doom game engine based on the GPL Doom code released by ID Software. prboom can be used to play the shareware and proprietary Doom/DoomII game files (known as IWADs), as well as the freely redistributable freedoom game.

Installation instructions

prboom is not a game by itself; it requires an IWAD to provide the game levels, monster sprites, and sounds. As a result, prboom had a dependency on freedoom to provide this IWAD.


prboom + Freedoom can be started using the Freedoom desktop icon. You can also start prboom from the command line by running prboom. There are numerous command line options available that are described in the prboom(6) man page.


Most of the game settings, including keyboard and mouse controls, video and mouse settings can be configured in-game using the "Options" entry on the main menu. Settings are stored in $HOME/.prboom/prboom.config which can also be editted manually. Saved games are also stored in the $HOME/.prboom directory.

prboom has the ability to load PWADs (patch wads) that modify certain elements of the game, such as map levels and sounds. Patch wads can be loaded using the -file command line option:

prboom -file myfile.wad

There are a large number of pwads available on the internet for Doom. One of the most popular collections of WADs can be found on ID Software's ftp server: , or at the following Doom community portals:

If you have purchased Doom or DoomII and would like to play these games using prboom then you will need to copy the offical wad files from your purchased game to the /usr/share/doom/ directory. prboom will automatically detect and load these IWADs, which you can select using the "Options -> Features -> Load WAD" entry from the main menu.

Enterprising souls who would like to create new levels, sounds, and graphics for use with prboom and other Doom engines should look at the yadex and deutex packages in Fedora Extras.