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<mizmo> yeh need any others? i have layer effects and layer groups planned because of a question i got on my blog <mizmo> and scripting actions <mock> so many times i'm reading outdoor photography with touch up guides using photoshop. some of the tools/options i can find in gimp but some i can't. knowing the comparable actions would be golden. <gnokii> morning mizmo, sorry that I didnt answer but I went to bed yesterday <mizmo> its all good gnokii <mock> mizmo: i would like to see one with the manipulating color channels, how all that can be maximized <mizmo> mock, can you link me to a tutorial that shows how it works in photoshop so i can understand what's needed? <mock> mizmo: sure, let me find one... <mizmo> you can definitely manipulate color channels in gimp in a lot of different ways, but im not sure which emulates photoshop best

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<mock> mizmo: here are a few links: <mock> <mock>

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<mock> well, those two are the ones i can find. do you do much photo manipulation? <mizmo> gnokii, actually vanessa has been doing some great character design in inkscape <mizmo> :) <gnokii> like to see that <mizmo> mock, let me take a look at those quick, i was popped away from my desk for a sec <mizmo> mock, i have done quite a bit of photomanip but i do a wide breadth of stuff and no one thing super in-depth <mock> i know there are a few installables in the repos designed to generate hdr from multiple shots, but i would like to do them by hand if i knew how to use gimp a little more. <mizmo> gnokii, i had vanessa take a look at the characters on and make them cooler-looking <mock> i think darktable is open source version of adobe's lightroom, correct? <mizmo> mock, yep althoguh there are a couple of other lightroom alternatives too <gnokii> mizmo: I still wondering why I did once the kids character once, thaught they would be for that <mizmo> mock, there's one called photivo ( <mizmo> gnokii, oh we should have the website updated for that then, it never got updated <mizmo> gnokii, your characters are really cool, i thoguht the intention was for ambassadors to use them <mock> hmm, i'll check that out. i've not seen that one yet <gnokii> the characters are all on my fp.o space <mizmo> mock, shotwell comes default in fedora and has some lightroom-like features but it's lighter-weight. you can do basic photo edits and stuff with it <mizmo> gnokii, can you open a ticket with websites team to have the characters updated?

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<mock> mizmo: i've not been a big shotwell fan, but i'll look at it again. seemed a little memory hoggish last few times i've used it. i'll look at it again, though. <mizmo> mock, the thing thats odd about shotwell is its written in vala so i dont know if maybe some memory issues are related to that <mizmo> all right

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<mizmo> mock - so in the 'enhance your landscapes' one - <mock> mizmo: my fan just went into overdrive... <mizmo> the first photoshop trick he notes is ctrl+alt+shift+E to merge the effects of the layers into a single layer. in gimp, you right-click the layers palette and do 'new layer from visible' to achieve the same <mizmo> the layer styles / gradient overlay is possible using the gimp 'layer effects' plugin from <mock> i haven't installed any plug ins for gimp. maybe i should explore those. <mizmo> ah okay so i dont see anything else major in that tutorial, i think if you install 'layer effects' plugin and with the 'make new from visible' layer trick you should be able to follow that tutorial step-by-step without too much issue <mizmo> the layer effects palette for gradient layer style in gimp is pretty similar to those screenshots <mizmo> im gonna open up the other tutorial now -

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<mizmo> mock, so for the general b&w conversion task <mizmo> mock, outside of the PS workflow in this tutorial, you'll want to try the gimpfx-foundry plugin (the package in fedora is gimpfx-foundry). it adds a menu item called 'fx-foundry' to the gimp menus. if you go to Fx foundary > photo > effects > Eg Black and White there are a lot of b&w conversion fine-tuning tools in there

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<mock> ah, ok <mock> i do have that installed <mizmo> mock, so there's a minimalist shadows and highlights plugin, and i have it installed and working now, but what it does i usually do via the levels dialog <mock> ok, i use the levels or curves to adjust most of my photos when i need to <mock> i just looked at the eg b&w photo plugin <mizmo> mock, the adjustments dialog he's got there, you can emulate that going to colors > Components > channel mixer... and turning on monochrome mode (not as many colors though) <mock> there many little pieces in gimp that i just am unaware of <mizmo> where he's talking about black point here is the left-most pointer in the levls dialog, and the right-most one is the white point <mizmo> you can modify the levels per channel via a dropdown in the dialog (at least in 2.7.x) <mock> i've done that too, for color adjustments on photos <mock> i've not tried on b&w for color channels <mock> so, what does the color channel tab give me? the second tab on layers/channels/paths window? <mizmo> mock, ah this tutorial uses blend if. that is one photoshop functionality i dont know how to emulate in gimp <mock> ok <mizmo> mock, the main way i've used the color channel tab was to select areas of the image via channel <mizmo> so you can say right-click the green color channel, and do 'channel to selection', then pop back over to the image and perform any of the actions in the menus on a selection of just that channel

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<mock> oh! <mock> so, for a pic of the beach, you could select the ocean and maybe bring out the blue and maybe green... <mizmo> the canonical thing that workflow achieves is if you've got a photo of a woman with long hair and you're trying to create a mask to cut out the background from between her strands of hair <mock> then you could select the sand, highlight some yellow... <mizmo> the green channel usually has the best contrast to work with in developing your mask <mizmo> mock, yeh, the workflow i would use for the beach photo example (i dont know if it's best, it's how i'd do it) is go to the blue channel, right-click it and do add to selection, go back to the image, boost that selection maybe with saturation or maybe create a new layer with the selection and use a layer belnding mode to boost the color <mizmo> then mask my enhancements so they only applied to the water <mock> see? these types of tips are gems for more vids.  :) <mizmo> im gonna save this chat for some vids :) <mizmo> im excited now, it's so easy to do the screencasts with gnome shell so its gonna be fun <mock> gimp is one of the most powerful open source programs out there. with all the features built in and added by the community, it amazes me i can get it preinstalled with fedora. <gnokii> mizmo: does the gnome shell screencast feature now record sound? <mizmo> gnokii, it can but you have to run a script to enable it, after you run the script it works forever <mizmo> gnokii, i put a link to the bugzilla comment with the script in my blogpost <gnokii> cool, have to solve the problems with my graphic card so that I am can have my gnome shell back <mizmo> mock, <= a gimp-specific tutorial for some of the effects from the other one you showd me <mock> ok, thanks! <mock> mizmo: i should have found you in here during the evening. i would like to sit down and mess with gimp and ask questions as i go, but i can't at the moment. you know, $dayjob. <mock> mizmo: and thanks for the feedback on these questions too <mizmo> lol it's all good, i hope it helps <mock> it does indeed <mock> i haven't googled for a photography/gimp community. most of the world uses photoshop. i want to see some professional photogs who use gimp share their how-tos and experiences online. they might be out there, but i've not looked to hard...yet. <mizmo> mock, rharrison has given some great talks on using a FLOSS workflow for photography - he is a pro. i don't know if he has anything written <gnokii> ooh today is the Kiss Day <mizmo> mock, a really good general floss creative community that focuses on tools, gimp pretty heavily, is <mizmo> alexandre produkine (sp) is behind it

  • rharrison needs to do some blog posts on his work flow...

<mizmo> there is also which is a blog planet that has a bunch of floss designers who use gimp and all the rest and talk about their usage <gnokii> yeah but Alexandre forgets to be impartial <mizmo> still its great quality content <mizmo> he isnt in favor of photoshop emulation though which i do understand <gnokii> thats otherwise true <gnokii> this part I would accept <mock> nice! <rharrison> mock, check out he's been blogging some gimp tutorials and that one in particular is outstanding. <mock> ok <rharrison> you know a sub page of the design or art page on the fedora wiki with links to quality tutorials would be pretty sweet... <mizmo> rharrison, we do have a little howto section, we could totally expand it <mizmo>

  • mizmo starts a gimp tips section

<gnokii> btw mizmo we should, put on the cooler way also <rharrison> yeah, maybe just a Generic tutorials section / page?