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Our event will start on Saturday 27th having previous sessions, but the core of the camp is going to be on Friday 4th, March and will finish on Sunday 6th, 2016.


It will be held in “La Alameda & Hacienda Club” located in "km. 41.5 de la Carretera Central, Distrito de Ricardo Palma, Chosica, Perú"

Event Description

HACK GNOME CAMP 2016 is a three-day event where Hack Space Peru and GNOME Perú members planned an initiative focused on integrate students with skills in developing, maths, electronic, engineering and Linux users in order to exchange their experiences. We are going to use GNOME 3.14 release and Fedora 23.

Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule


Before going to the CAMP, participants must complete the following requirements:

1. Post in a personal blog your technical experience before the camp by installing F23 and JHBUILD. During the event, some activity must be completed such as fixing a GNOME or FEDORA bug, do a designer for FEDORA 23 or GNOME 3.18. Finally, after the event, it is also mandatory to write your experiences during the HACK CAMP.

2. First you can download the iso of FEDORA 23 at

3. Decide if you want to use UEFI Mode (Dual Boot Windows 7/8/10) or Legacy Mode (Dual Boot Windows 7/8/10) or install it virtually adding it to other Linux or using VMware

4. Install Jhbuild in your laptop to create a developer environment to contribute to GNOME.

4.1. Read the intro for developers here. 4.2. Clon a project that use Python such as Pitivi, C such Cheese or any other language like Javascript. 5. If you prefer to contribute to FEDORA, then please read the instructions.

  • In order to help our attendances in person, we are planning to have a pre sessions to guide them during the installation:
Date Hour Location Address
Saturday 27 February 2016 02pm - 05pm PUCP University Av. Universitaria 1801, San Miguel Lima 32, Perú
Friday 04 March 2016 10am - 01pm Residencia Coworking Avenida Reducto 1518, Miraflores

We are going to take a bus from PUCP to go to Chosica on Friday, March 4th at 07:00 pm., until Sunday 6th, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

1 Fire building, setting up tents, knots and lashing. 09:00 pm
2 Welcome speech from GNOME, Fedora and Hackspace. 10:30 pm
3 Introduction to the groups (we are going to divide 7 groups of 5) and their geek songs. 10:40 pm
4 Friday - Time to sleep. 11:10 pm
5 Saturday Breakfast 08:00 am
6 Partition - Installation of Fedora - GNOME Guide 09:00 am
7 Show the GNOME and Fedora wiki 11:30 am
8 Applications GNOME and use of Fedora 12:00 am
9 Saturday Lunch 01:00 pm
10 Jhbuild GNOME dependencies Guide 02:30 pm
11 Gymkana time 06:00 pm
12 Saturday Light Dinner 08:00pm
13 Wood fire and integration time 09:00 pm
14 Saturday - Time to sleep 11:00 pm
15 Sunday breakfast 08:00 am
16 Bugzilla and try to fix baby bugs in Python, JS 12:00 m
  • We are going to arrive to Lima at 14:00 pm.


1 100 stickers, materials for game, 35 Club tickets fee, 200 globes, 2 Banners, 36 t-shirts GNOME
2 Bus for 35 people, Food for 35 for three days, DVDs HACKSPACE PERU
3 Travel sponsorship for 5 students from provinces such as Trujillo, Chiclayo, Pucallpa and Cusco, training and local and IT demands for training, microphone, cables and camping materials HACKSPACE PERU



GNOME supported us and congrats our event, a picture of the event was used in the official video of the release of GNOME 3.20 ->

ATTENDANCES did post FEDORA installation and overcome UEFI troubleshootings during our workshops and training days before the camp:

Genesis Leon

Sheyla Breña

Rodrigo Lindo

Martin Vuelta

Erik Medina

David Blas

Jessica Castillo

Fabian Orccon

Angel Mauricio

Fiorella Effio

Luis Huaringa

Sergio Curay

Manuel Merino

Lizeth Quispe

Briggette Roman

Elvis Torres

Analucia Carhuaz

Christian Paredes

Alvaro Concha

Mitzuko Quispe

Azul Huaylla

Kevin Ramos

Carlos Abel Cordova

Wilbur Naike

Junior Oblitas

Pierr Chino

Giancarlo Rossi

Miguel More

* Unfortunately this time FEDORA did not support our request and we did not get any material, neither financially nor any moral support by any LATAM Fedora member, because I did the event before the unanimous approval of the LATAM ambassadors.