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Here's how I finally got the machine to dual-boot OS X and Fedora. I do not know if it's the correct way or the most efficient way.

  1. Use Boot Camp Assistant to shrink the OS X partition.
  2. Copy the EFI/boot directory on the live CD to the OS X /efi directory
  3. Use the Startup Disk selector to boot the Fedora live CD
  4. Before starting the installer, launch the Disk Utility (on the Fedora Live CD) and delete the vfat partition that Boot Camp created
  5. Run the installer
  6. Reboot

You have to hold down the Option key on boot in order to boot into Fedora. (The icon will say “Windows”, unfortunately.)

If you're unable to eject the CD and keep unintentionally booting into it, hold down the mouse (trackpad) button during a reboot. It should pop right out.


The wifi chipset in the MBP is a BCM43224. This is supported by the 'broadcom-wl' package in rpmfusion. Install that and then 'modprobe wl' and then restart NetworkManager. Audio


To get the audio working on the speakers, launch alsamixer and turn up the Front Speakers.