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For Summer Coding 2010 this is the process to follow when commenting on student proposals.

  1. Conversations and especially decisions should happen on the Talk: page of the proposal.
  2. When commenting on a student's proposal, click on the discussion tab.
  3. The first time the Talk: page is used, it comes up as an empty page.
  4. Use a second-level section block to give the subject of your comment:
    == Subject of comment ==
  5. Make your comments throughout the section
  6. At the bottom of your comments, sign and date the block using the special tag for this: ~~~~. Convention is to precede the tildes with two dashes:
    ... blah blah blah, and so there. --~~~~
    Makes this: "... blah blah blah, and so there. --Quaid 15:34, 9 April 2010 (UTC)"
  7. To reply to a comment, use the edit link for that comment. When it is open for editing, go to the bottom to add your reply, adding it as a nested sub-section of the section you are commenting on. If the section is a second-level section block, use a third-level:
    === Subject of reply to another comment ===
  8. Be sure to sign your section with ~~~~.
  9. If you are adding a new section, you can edit the page, or use the + symbol that appears next to edit when you are viewing the Talk:... page.
    • If you do a straight edit, add your new comment on the bottom as a new section.
    • If you use the + to edit, the contents of the Subject/headline are the second-level section name. Fill out the body with your comments, and be sure to sign your section with ~~~~.
  10. For any discussions about proposals that happens on the summer-coding-discuss list, make sure to create a new section on the talk page. List any decisions made and link back to the thread(s) in the mailing list archives.
  11. Save all changes. For anyone who has a watch on this page, the discussion tab should show when there are new, unread discussion points for the viewer.