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Blogspot and Blogger call their categories "labels."

Set up a label

  1. From your blogging dashboard, select the Edit Posts link for your blog.
  2. Write a post as you normally would. When you're finished, look for the Labels entry box at the bottom of the editing form. Enter a label for your new Fedora-specific feed there -- we recommend fedora.
  3. After you publish the post, view your blog. You'll see the label for the post at the bottom of the post itself.

You can use this same label for later posts. Next to the entry box for labels on the editing form, there is a Show all link. If you select that link, you can select from the list of all the labels you've used.

Accessing the label's feed

To access the blog posts with that label, start on your blog's main page. Look for a post with the fedora label. The name of your new label is a link with a URL that looks like this:


The RSS feed for that new label can be found at this URL:


This label specific feed is the one you should use for the Planet, rather than the feed for your entire blog. By adding a fedora label to your Fedora-specific posts, you can continue to post whatever content you like on your blog, but can indicate on-topic and appropriate material for the Fedora Planet.

Now add your feed!
Now you should return to Fedora Planet wiki page and follow the directions there for adding your label specific feed to the Planet.