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This procedure works regardless of where your WordPress instance is hosted.

Set up a category

  1. From your WordPress control panel, access the Dashboard, your blog's administration page. You can get to this page by logging into your blog, by clicking Site admin on a content page if you're already logged in, or by clicking Dashboard in the navigation area. If you see only the Global Dashboard and limited options under the 'My Blog' menu, then you are using a username-only account. Register a new blog and then retry this step.
  2. Select Posts in the navigation area, or its drop down arrow, to expose the Posts submenu. Choose Categories from the submenu.
  3. To add a category, enter the required details. Some recommended settings are to name the category Fedora, and use the slug fedora (all lower case). A parent setting of None is fine for most people.
  4. Select the Add new category button to create the new category.

Accessing the category's feed

To access the blog posts in that category, start on your blog's main page. Look for the navigation menu's Categories link, and select the name of your new category. For most feeds, that link points to a URL that looks like one of the following:


The URL at the top is easier to read, and requires that you have permalinks set up on your blog. Not every WordPress instance may support permalinks. Configuring permalinks is outside the scope of this page, but the WordPress Codex has excellent documentation on the process.

The RSS feed for that new category can be found at a URL that looks like one of the following, again depending on your permalinks setting:


This category specific feed is the one you should use for the Planet, rather than your entire blog. By adding a category to your Fedora-specific posts, you can continue to post whatever content you like on your blog, but can indicate on-topic and appropriate material for the Fedora Planet.

Now add your feed!
Now you should return to Fedora Planet wiki page and follow the directions there for adding your category specific feed to the Planet.