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Данный документ описывает процесс установки и использования X-chat, популярного IRC клинта. Вам также может понравиться видео созданное Kushal Das: использование Xchat

Альтернативными клиентами являются:

Как установить X-Chat

Что бы проверить не установлен ли X-Chat на компьютере наберите следующую команду:

$ rpm -q xchat

Если он не установлен, выполните следующую команду для установки.

$ su -c 'yum install xchat'

Теперь, вы сможете запустить из Applications > Internet > IRC


I tried to /join #fedora, but for some reason I ended up in #fedora-unregistered? What happened?

  1. fedora requires you to register with freenode and identify with nickserv before you can join the channel.

See for information on how to do this. Once you are identified you can join the main #fedora channel for support.

How to join Fedora Project IRC Meeting

For example, if you want to join Fedora Ambassadors Meetings :

  1. Open X-Chat: Applications > Internet > IRC
  2. Type your choice of Nick name, User name and Real name
  3. Highlight FreeNode (formerly and click Edit.
    File:Communicate IRCHowTo xchat-server-list.png
  4. Highlight
  5. Type in fedora
  6. Register your nick. Refer
  7. Type in your password in Server password and click Close.
    File:Communicate IRCHowTo xchat-fedora-mktg.png

Click on Connect button to connect to freenode IRC network.

Meeting Protocol

This only applies to certain IRC meetings. Others are usually more casual.

  • Please watch what others are doing and do not interrupt
  • If you have a question, type "?"
  • If you need to speak, type "!"
  • If you're done speaking, type "eof"
  • If you agree, type "+1"
  • See more in fedora-unity-project-meeting-guidelines

What are the Basic IRC commands

  • /help - Shows all commands.
  • /nick NewNickName - Changes the NickName (limited to 9 characters).
  • /names - Shows all NickNames on that channel.
  • /whois NickName - Shows basic whois info for a NickName. To see more info, use /msg NickServ info NickName
  • /away AwayMessage - Leaves a message when you are away from channel.
  • /quit QuitMessage - Leaves a message when you quit IRC channel.

For more information, see [1]

How to create a login script for a private channel in X-Chat

Create login script:

$ cd ~/.xchat2
$ vi login-script.txt

msg chanserv invite #private-channel
join #private-channel

Use following information in X-Chat:

  • IRC Server:
  • Channels to join: #private-channel
  • Connect command: load -e ~/.xchat2/login-script.txt
  • Server password: {your password}

What is the difference between NickServ Password and Server Password in X-Chat

Technically speaking, they aren't the same. X-Chat has knowledge of the NickServ system, and will automatically send a message to NickServ when prompted to save you the hassle. Server passwords are a more embedded part of IRC and are passed during the early connection phase, before you are fully operational on the network and before you join channels. NickServ, part of freenode services, was added to their IRC system to enable user management that is not part of the original IRC protocol. Other networks may also use NickServ, but it usually works a little differently. It has proven very flexible and valuable. Server passwords were initially used as part of an authentication system at connect time for IRC servers, but are now used by freenode to create a shortcut for NickServ services. Other IRC networks often work things a little differently, but similar practices have become widespread because they do work quite well.

freenode services, as are permitted by Hyperion IRCD and powered by a custom backend, allow a number of features to be added and used that are not part of the IRC protocol. NickServ is used to interface with user account features. ChanServ is used to interface with channel management features. Other services are handled transparently using more typical IRC components. These kinds of techniques are how IRC has evolved over the original RFC 1459 standard to survive in a useful fashion for the last 13 years.

-- PatrickBarnes

How to create Fedora IRC cloaks for the freenode network

  • Add your IRC nick in FreenodeCloaks
  • Once your Fedora IRC cloak has been created, people will not see your real hostname.
  • Instead they will see something like yournick@fedora/yournick

Where can I find a list of Fedora Project IRC channels