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Fedora 11 Internationalization Test Plan


This document describes a test plan for Internationalization on Fedora 11 to find out unknown issues as much as possible and have a chance to get them fixed in a timely manner. this would helps to keep up a quality of distribution, particularly our Internationalization support from the purpose of this test plan.

Test Priority

There are a lot of software available on Fedora. so this document classifies them from the type of the requirement in comps and set a priority as the following order.

  1. mandatory
  2. default
  3. conditional
  4. optional


This plan would be supposed to test Internationalization support on Fedora for:

  1. Rendering on display
    1. Rendering engines to draw glyphs properly
    2. Fonts to see necessary glyphs is available, draw glyphs properly
  2. Input with/without Input Method
  3. Printing

Everyone isn't necessarily capable to test every languages. so you can do choose one languages or more that you are familiar with, and test packages, including in your chosen language group as well.

Test Cases