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Time:2009-08-26 0500 UTC

Place: #fedora-i18n at Freenode



juhp IM meeting soon
who's in for the IM meeting?* pravins in
Kaio in
paragan in
juhp wonder if phuang_, tagoh3 and fujiwarat are around
dyek2 dychen
and dychen and Kaio
fujiwarat hi
phuang_ yeah
juhp ah hi Kaio
phuang_ hi
juhp cool
tagoh3 hi
juhp quick update on the @input-methods:
so far clumens kind of pushed back saying most people won't understand what "Input Methods" are anyway... (for anaconda top package listing)
anyway we followed up - let's see how it goes
otherwise we may just leave it to post-f12 even
I would rather avoid all the "how do i install IM?" and "why am I using <xim>?" type faq's but anyway
(if we turn off @input-methods)
pravins juhp: yeah, that looks nice
juhp .bug 518970
zodbot juhp: Bug 518970 ibus-daemon persists after desktop session -
juhp phuang_: any comment?
hmm guess ibus-daemon can run in console too?
tagoh3 even with --xim?
juhp hmm
dunno :)
phuang_ I did not meet this problem. I will test it later
juhp ok please
I can reproduce 100%
anyone else seen it?
tagoh3 was about to do it - no lucks on rawhide installation yet, again ;o)
juhp ah
I have been getting funny Live spin errors too this week :/
tagoh3 dunno. it freezes on creating fs on virtio.
juhp I am running an up-to-date pre-alpha live install here
tagoh3 guess better trying 12alpha
juhp yeah
that might install ;)
.bug 517603
zodbot juhp: Bug 517603 anaconda failed in get_table -
juhp anyway
phuang_: ibus-qt works well for me - well done!
is it hard to get underline in preedit?
phuang_ juhp, Just tested ibus in rawhide, this problem does not happen
dychen juhp: Hi
juhp phuang_: recent install?
phuang_: you logged in twice?
phuang_ juhp, yeah
juhp hmm
phuang_ let me try it again
dychen juhp: ibus can run in console. :-)
juhp phuang_: still happens for me anyway
hmm perhaps I should try on a fresh install... if only...
phuang_: when is your tree do you know?
dyek2 dychen
dychen: right
phuang_ juhp, I am not sure. But I often execute 'yum update'
juhp well maybe let's wait to see if others can reproduce
phuang_: ok
Kaio: how's the tables packaging?
dyek2 dychen
dychen: anything new on im from you?
Kaio juhp☺ mock failed, suspect yum repo is broken which caused that
juhp I18N/InputMethods/Bugs
Kaio: koji scratch too?
Kaio juhp☺ also, improving ibus-table on my own tree, no reply from acevery about merging yet
juhp ok
dychen juhp: Processing a couple of bugs of ibus-chewing.
Kaio juhp☺ I dont know how to do koji scratch w/o commiting .spec file and tag
phuang_ BTW, I implemented compose key support in ibus-qt, anybody use compose keys. please help to test it
juhp Kaio: koji build --scratch dist-f12 my.src.rpm
(of course preferred to do local test builds when possible)
dychen juhp: bug 519108
juhp .bug 519108
zodbot juhp: Bug 519108 [gob2] class and enum names convert incorrectly in mock / koji. -
juhp ah that?
dychen which you have no problem building locally, but the mock fedora-devel-x86_64 fail.
No problem build in rawhide itself.
Kaio juhp☺ thx try it now
dyek2 dychen
dychen Kaio: Not sure whether these are related to your bug.
juhp dychen: sure
dyek2 dychen
dychen: have you reproduced on another instance?
looks a bit suspicious at first hand
dychen juhp: The src rpm I attached are a minimal package that trigger the bug.
dyek2 dychen
juhp dychen: so it happens in koji?
dychen juhp: Yes.
dyek2 dychen
juhp dychen: ok - don't see any attachment btw
dyek2 dychen
dychen: and please add a link to the koji build....
dychen juhp: How long will log files of a koji scratch build last?
dyek2 dychen
juhp dychen: good question
a week + ?
dyek2 dychen
dychen Not quite sure how active is gob2 maintainer.
juhp dychen: true
dyek2 dychen
dychen juhp: Anyway I've attach the attachment.
juhp dychen: I think it is good to point to a explicit build failure
.bug 517001
zodbot juhp: Bug 517001 dlopen/dlclose of causes segfault -
juhp particularly
phuang_ I think scim library need do many clean up before unload. :(
juhp hmm
I see
so probably we should push it upstream
phuang_ But why the old version gtk2 does not have this problem?
I think the gtk2 in f11 does not dlclose the
juhp ah
I see
tagoh3 hmm, is it?
juhp maybe it does?
tagoh3 at least I don't see any problems with this sample code on F-11 though
juhp ok
phuang_ or, stdc++ will do something in dlopen
I mean the new stdc++
juhp tagoh3: so are you in agreement?
phuang_ in rawhide
juhp aren't
tagoh3 I'm wondering if this issue is specific or not.
juhp ah
guess not many people use it anyway
tagoh3 just opening and closing doesn't process any code in the module though.
juhp I will suggest Tasaka-san to push it upstream
phuang_ tagoh3, maybe has some global c++ objects will be created in dlopen
tagoh3 unless doesn't do any wrong on constructors and destructors. but it's funny anyway it didn't happen on F-11 but on rawhide only.
so seems unrelated to scim -> ibus imsettings issue then
thought it might have been related perhaps
but anyway that is scim-bridge
so shrug
if you guys want to add some technical comments might help :)
dyek2 dychen
dychen: bug 518901 looks interesting
.bug 518901
zodbot juhp: Bug 518901 ibus-chewing would not work with locale zh_TW.Big5 -
juhp anyway 1 hour is up so let's stop in a moment
anything else to discuss?
tagoh3 nope
Kaio no
dychen nope
juhp thanks for the meeting then!

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