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User's Code of Conduct

End users should be pointed to a FAQ link most likely at the IRC Page when they join the channel. This FAQ will list the behavior(s) that will get them removed from the channel, along with general guidelines on how to ask smart questions.

End users removed from the channel should be able to ask for review of their case. The FAQ should mention how to do this contact. We need to determine how much and what kind of review is needed.

End user should be encouraged to:

  1. Ask questions pertaining to supported fedora releases
  2. Use pastebin links for diagnostic output such as,, or Then, give a brief synopsis of your problem in the appropriate channel with a link to your pasted errors and other information.
  3. Listen to the help or advice of Operators and/or Helpers (mode +o or +v)

End users should be discouraged from:

  1. Off topic discussion
    • NON Fedora Linux questions
    • NO longer supported Fedora Releases.
  2. Asking over broad questions ("Is fedora better than Ubuntu?")
  3. Personal messaging (PM) individuals instead of working through issues in the channel.
  4. any of the items that will get them removed

IRC References

Users should read these referenced from as they will provide the answers to many of the basic IRC questions a user may have.

  1. This is the link to the basic channel guidelines.
  2. This page has been set up to answer a few of the questions that Freenode gets most often.