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I Love Fedora (Fedora talk Session)

present Fedora21 as fedora21 release party in one of the greatest open source events in Egypt



  • Mon, 2 feb 2015
  • 01-2 PM


  • open area at Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University , Mansoura Governorate
  • On Google Maps

about the session

Fedora talk - session in open source camp - Mansoura University,Mansoura


  • Free to all || target is open source camp Students
  • Bring your laptop - if you have one- to help you in your Linux problems ;) and try things with us

Activities in the session

  • introduce what is Linux and why Linux
  • Talk about what is Fedora and what is new in Fedora 21
  • Why Fedora ........?
  • Move to fedora From other distributions or From Windows

about the event

event is open source camp it is made by group called open source club to publish open source technology specially in the university. Fedora Egypt is invited to make session as part of the camp. the camp is contain many sessions and crash courses specially in Linux, programing, open Web.


  • simple swags "laptop stickers i was have some i paid to print them"
  • 2 flash disks i paid for them




Report and pictures

On Mon, 2 Feb 2015 we had a Fedora 21 release party we named it I love fedora. the meet was in faculty of Engineering mansoura University. we decided to make it in the open garden of the faculty.

at the beginning we start talk about open source and wht or why Linux. then i start to talk about fedora. what is new in fedora21. why fedora. and how to switch to fedora. and how to contribute in fedora. it was awesome session in open area open source cannt be between walls in a close room

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