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1. Let us know what you did in recent past as an Ambassador

2. What are you doing as an ambassador

3. What are your future plans as an ambassador and what resources do you need for that.

What they have done

<dkd903> <Birla Institute of Technlogy, Mesra, Ranchi> i have already demonstrated the installation of fedora 9 in a hands-on workshop to my college students and also have setup a local repo so that updates can flow in to the users easily.

<Prakhar><Delhi-NCR JIIT University Noida><> 1. Just had an Install fest on 8th Nov

What is their plan

<Prakhar> We have a Winter Academic Program from 1st-15th Dec

<G__81> 1. Setting up a mirror I have asked them for a public mirror thats one thing <G__81> 2. The second one is that the marketing team of my company also wants some kind of marketing for themselves so i have asked them they could either sponsor for hosting of fedora project web site <G__81> thats the second option

<G__81> i plan to increase the contributor head count <G__81> i am talking to people in this regard by bringing in more people

What do they need

<dkd903> i want to know how to get fedora stickers and dvds and t-shirts so that these can be distrbuted to the users who come n attend the lug sessions in my college, thank you

<Prakhar> I need some stickers/voluntary online sessions/give aways

<G__81> i have not conducted any install fests as such <susmit> after G__81 , ria <G__81> but plan to conduct one in the near future

What are the events where we can get in (Regional Events)