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FIG Job Description: sysadmin-noc

Members of sysadmin-noc will be tasked with monitoring the hosts and services the Infrastructure group is responsible for maintaining. Members of sysadmin-noc are the first line of defense against chaos and depravity.

Level of commitment

Average 4 hours per week

Expected duties

  • Notice problems, perform preliminary troubleshooting and escalate to the appropriate sysadmin-* team for resolution.
  • Write / modify health checks and monitors on one or more tools in current use
  • Develop auto-recovery scripts for services and health checks
  • Give up personal lives, sell all worldly goods and carry a pager for the good of the Project.
  • Expect to be ignored at all turns.

Required skills

  • Can distinguish red / green colors
  • Basic troubleshooting skills
  • Good error reporting / descriptive skills
  • Basic Email and IRC skills
  • Full comprehension of ESR's 'How to Ask Smart Questions' and 'Unix Koans'
  • Experience managing, deploying or maintaining at least one of the tools in current use
  • Expert level differentiation between humor and reality (even when humour is spelled with too many u's)

Current tools

Adding tools
Names should be links to Fedora tool URL and a link to the upstream project documentation should also be included.

Typical Tasks

Monitoring tickets