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Asterisk (or CallWeaver?) Server for Fedora Events

Project Sponsor

Name: Karsten Wade

Wiki Name: KarstenWade

Fedora Account Name: kwade

Group: Fedora Documentation

Infrastructure Sponsor: DennisGilmore

Secondary Contact info

Name: Jared Smith

Wiki Name: JaredSmith

Fedora Account Name: jsmith


Project Info

Project Name: Asterisk Server for Fedora Events

Target Audience: Attendees of online FUDCons and other conferences

Expiration Date (required): Current - 6 August; ongoing plans to keep the image for redeployment

Description/Summary: We'd like to offer Asterisk VoIP conferencing during the upcoming online FUDCon/hackfest. This would be a single, common codec that could be used by Fedora-based SIP clients (e.g., ekiga). In addition, the Asterisk image could be brought up for future Fedora events, Fedora Board meetings, etc.

Project plan (Detailed):

Goals: Improve resolution of conference discussions.

Specific resources needed

  • Dedicated Xen guest
  • Fedora 7 (EPEL probably doesn't have the necessary dependencies to build the complete Asterisk package).
  • 10G disk space (unless we are going to record things)
  • 1G RAM
  • Firewall ports
  • SIP - UDP and TCP ports 5060 (UDP will only be used for now - reserve TCP port for when Asterisk supports it)
  • IAX2 - UDP port 4569
  • RTP - UDP ports 10000:10500 (allows up to 250 simultaneous calls - 2 ports per call)

Additional Info (Optional)

  • Use app_conference instead of MeetMe so that zaptel kernel modules don't have to be installed.