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Project Sponsor

Name: Miroslav Suchy

Wiki Name: msuchy

Fedora Account Name: msuchy

Group: infrastracture - Cloud team

Infrastructure Sponsor: msuchy

Secondary Contact info

Name: Bohuslav Kabrda

Wiki Name: Bkabrda

Fedora Account Name: bkabrda


Project Info

Project Name: Copr

Target Audience: Fedora Developers

Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 2013-12-31

Description/Summary: Copr is build system for personal or third-party repositories.

Project plan (Detailed): Each Copr consist of one machine with frontend (fe) and backend (be). We need one staging system and one production.o

Specific resources needed

Staging system - already done. Accessible as and

Production system:

[x] machine for
[x] machine for
[ ] disk space for copr-be for yum repositories, I have currently 212G
    and it is already 10% in use. We need something in order of terabyte.
    500GB can be starter but have option how to expand in near future
[ ] CNAME alias for
[ ] fedmsg integration - Ralph started working on this
[ ] new database on db01(postgres) and create alias db-copr for db01
[ ] how are backups handled?