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We got a Google SummerOfCode project accepted to implement this. Only thing left is deployment on the app servers, which is on the way.

Project Sponsor

Name: Karsten Wade

Wiki Name: KarstenWade

Fedora Account Name: kwade

Group: Fedora Documentation Project

Infrastructure Sponsor: MikeMcGrath

Secondary Contact info

Name: Dimitris Glezos

Wiki Name: DimitrisGlezos

Fedora Account Name: glezos

Group: Fedora L10N

Project Info

Project Name: L10N CVS migration and UI creation

Target Audience: Fedora translators, developers, documenters

Expiration Date (required): 24-May-2007 (estimated)


To satisfy the needs of the L10N project, the various engineering needs, and documentation needs, we are moving Fedora translation activity to the Fedora-run CVS and infrastructure. We talked with members of the Release Engineering Team and the plan is to move all elvis-hosted development to

Stuff that should be put into production will be marked as LIVE in CVS.


  • Give translation a single CVS with the packages they are translating
  • Use the one-CVS to mechanistically enforce string freeze
  • Use the one-CVS to automatically repackage before every release to capture all the translated strings
  • Update Web user interface, from a starting point of
  • Work with L10N to define feature set
  • Opportunity to fix any outstanding feature requests
  • Not a dependency on initial move, since the same status can be obtained using CLI tools

Specific resources needed

  • CVS migration, including history
  • TurboGears-based Web UI for translators (details at SummerOfCode application)
  • Any support needed by release engineering

Additional Info (Optional)

The plan does not include moving or duplicating user accounts from the old CVS. Many translators already have FAS accounts. Instead, we are going to tell translators to apply for a new account. We'll be providing at least a few mentors to assist translators with account sign-up.