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Reporte um problema

Primeiro verifique

Antes de relatar um problema, certifique-se de que você não esteja enfrentando um problema na página CommonProblems . Também é uma boa ideia verificar com outras pessoas se estão tendo este mesmo problema.

Onde reportar

Existem alguns lugares onde os problemas podem ser relatados. Os dois que são preferidos são nossa página Tickets ou no IRC, no caso o no canal #fedora-admin. Se precisar de atenção imediata, por favor use #fedora-admin. Para problemas não imediatos, use um o Tickets.

How to Report a Problem

If you believe you've discovered an outage, please see our standard operating proceedures for an Outage (which includes both admin and user actions). Whenever reporting a problem please follow these guidelines:

  • Don't be general.
  • Stop (medium size).png "The wiki is acting slow"
  • (./) "Whenever I try to save, I get a proxy error after 60 seconds"
  • Don't report an outage that's already been reported, check tickets or IRC first.
  • Stop (medium size).png "/join #fedora-admin; Is the build system broken?"
  • (./) "/join #fedora-admin; wait a minute or two; I noticed I can't submit builds, here's the error I get:"
  • Don't suggest drastic or needless changes (send it to the list)
  • Stop (medium size).png "Why don't you just use lighttpd?"
  • (./) "You could try limiting MaxRequestsPerChild in Apache"
  • Don't get off topic or be too chatty
  • Stop (medium size).png "Transformers was awesome, but yeah, I think you guys know what to do next"
  • (./) ""
  • Do research the technologies we're using and answer questions that may come up.
  • Stop (medium size).png "Can't you just fix it?"
  • (./) "Hey guys, I think this is what you're looking for:"
  • Do look at our code and submit patches if you are so inclined.
  • Stop (medium size).png "The accounts system really shouldn't traceback."
  • (./) "Here's a patch to make the accounts system not traceback"