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The purpose of this SIG is to discuss the future SCM technology and model going forward with the Fedora Project's source code. Once a solution has been chosen, designed, and implemented the SIG will disband.


We are currently working on the first stage of the process, defining the goals that the new SCM is trying to help us achieve. Discussion is happening on the fedora-devel-list mailing list with weekly IRC updates in the Fedora Infrastructure Meeting at the #fedora-admin channel in IRC. We are likely to make some decisions at the FudCON Hackfest Feb 3-4.


See the Meetings page.

Interested Parties

Wiki Name Fedora Account SCMs used in the past (SCM Experience)
MikeMcGrath mmcgrath cvs, svn (4 years)
JesseKeating jkeating cvs (4 years), hg (few months), git (few months(too many))
JonMasters jcm cvs (>4 years(too many)), git (few months)
JeffOllie jcollie cvs, svn, hg (not much), git (not much), bzr-ng (not much)
JamesBowes jbowes cvs & svn (few years), git (few months(not enough!))
ToshioKuratomi toshio cvs, svn (4 years), bzr-ng (few months), hg (not much)
DavidWoodhouse dwmw2 rcs (briefly), cvs (10 years), bk (few years), git (18 months), briefly each of svn and hg (before discounting them as pointless when compared to cvs/git resp.)
AxelThimm athimm cvs since 95, svn since 2 years
FlorianLaRoche laroche cvs, rcs, svn, hg, git
JohnPoelstra poelstra cvs, svn, hg (a little), git (less than hg)
LennertBuytenhek buytenh rcs (briefly), cvs (few years), svn (few years), git (briefly)

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