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Wiki migration

This page holds information about the wiki upgrades, such as the status of the various tasks, problems and a TODO list. It should be used by everyone that is involved in the migration of the current wiki.


A new wiki has been chosen (MediaWiki). This was done over a long period but the primary reasons are to ensure that the wiki can scale to the size that Fedora needs it to.

The migration script (;a=tree;f=scripts/moin2mw)

The ticket:

The test site:


There are a number of issues that need to be fixed but many of them cannot be fixed and will have to be dealt with.

  • User pages need to be moved from /wiki/WikiName to /wiki/User:username
  • OpenID integration needs to be completed (Which will also involve people logging in with username instead of WikiName
  • Migration script needs work
  • Docbook for docs team
  • Attachments - All attachments in Moin are associated with a page. In Mediawiki they are all under /attachments/. Mapping between the two needs to be figured out.
  • ACL's - The ACL system is different in Mediawiki. This needs to be tested and converted.


Please put your name and team down here if you're interested in being the primary point of contact to represent your team. This will likely involve some meetings.

  • MikeMcGrath - mmcgrath - Infrastructure
  • KarstenWade - quaid - Docs
  • RickyZhou - ricky - Websites
  • JonStanley - jds2001 - QA, BugZappers
  • FabianAffolter - fab - Ambassadors
  • BartCouvreur - couf - L10N
  • IanWeller - ianweller - Art Team (has school, can't do meetings till about 20:00 UTC on weekdays)
  • JohnPoelstra - poelcat - Features
  • MaxSpevack - mspevack - Marketing, CommunityArchitecture
  • JoshBoyer - jwb - FESCo