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Release Engineering Automation

This is a working document that aims to identify and breakdown the work needed to automate most of Fedora Release engineering.

Release Engineering Tasks that would benefit from automation

  • Adopting a package
  • Unretiring a package
  • Notification of orphaned packages to the devel mailing list + retirement after 6 weeks
  • Notification of packages with broken deps prior to branching + retirement at branching
  • Notification of packages that failed to build + retirement
  • TBD

Adopting a package

Currently when a packager wants to adopt a package that was previously orphan he needs to file a ticket for releng to process the requests (example :

The following need to be true for a package to be successfully adopted.

  • the package is not retired
  • the package is actually orphaned
  • the person adopting the package is in the packager FAS group

When all these conditions are meet the following script can be use to give the package

Automating checks
As a release engineer I want to automatically check if a package can be unorphaned.
Acceptance Criteria:

1 - Verify that the provided package is not a retired package, if retired an error message is displayed

2 - Verify that the provided package is owned by the orphan user, if not an error message is displayed

3 - When all conditions are met a success message is displayed

Automating processing
As a release engineer I want new tickets with "Unorphan <package_name>" title to automatically process the request.
Acceptance Criteria:

1 - Creating a new ticket on "" with the title "Unorphan <package_name>" triggers the unorphaned checks.

2 - If all conditions are met, checks if the requester is a member of the packager FAS group.

3 - If the requester is a packager make him the package owner in src.fp.o

4 - When successful updates the original ticket with a comment and close the ticket.

5 - If the conditions are not met or the requester is not a packager, comment the original ticket with the failure reasons and close the ticket.