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This is a shorthand list of items we are needing to cover for enabling Repospanner in Fedora Infrastructure for the Fiscal Year 2020.

Point of contact: Kevin Fenzi


Repospanner is a way to sync git repos in a distributed manner. Having the Fedora dist-git and the centos git synced together and available from multiple places will allow more cross collaboration between projects as well as disaster recovery by having content in multiple places. Additionally, it will allow us to expose our currently internal ansible git repo on so we can accept PR's and run CI tasks against changes.


  • For ansible repo:
    •, and already have repospanner setup and syncing.
    • Need to get tested and merged in pagure and then a pagure release.
  • For src.stg repo:
  • For src prod repo:
    • Coordinate with CentOS side of things
    • Get RH able to push changes correctly to new repos.


Sooner better than later for ansible repo.


Patrick and Kevin and Smooge CentOS ops


  • Get pagure PR tested and merged and a release.
  • Fix bugs in stg


The migration status can be:

  1. todo: no step has been taken yet
  2. date set: a date has been decided for the pair programming session
  3. in dev: a branch has been made and the code migration is in progress
  4. PR ready: the code migration is done and under review
  5. merged: the main branch is migrated
  6. staging: the new code is deployed to staging and under test
  7. production: the migrated app is running in production
  • ansiblle repo: in dev
  • src.stg: in progress