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Fedora infrastructure has setup to use two factor authenication for all 'sudo' access on any machines. At some point in time it may be expanded for other access, but currently it's restricted to just 'sudo' calls on infrastructure machines.


You need to know about this if you are in a FAS group that provides you shell access to any infrastructure machines, and additionally you have permissions / need to sudo on those machines.

Supported tokens

Currently we support two backend tokens:

1. yubikey - You setup this as noted on the yubikey burn page.

2. google authenticator or FreeOTP - You can install either free application on your iphone / android / windows mobile device to use this option.

If you do not have a yubikey or a android or iphone device, please contact us for options.


Yubikeys can be enrolled per Infrastructure/Yubikey#How_do_I_burn_my_yubikey.3F

Google authenticator or FreeOTP via:

  • Login with your FAS username and password.
  • You should get a page with a QR code and some backup/scratch codes. Store them in a non electronic safe place. Do NOT save them on your computer.
  • Run the android or ios app, select add token, scan the qr code.

What happens if I lost my token or got a new device?

Please open a ticket at and explain what happened. Additionally, you may need to provide some or all of the below information to prove your identity:

  • A gpg signed email with the gpg key listed for your account in FAS.
  • Correct answer to security questions stored in FAS.
  • Any other means that are acceptable to admins (video chat where the person is known by look/voice, phone call where user answers questions only user would know, etc).

Software used

Supported Apps