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Fedora Infrastructure Post release HouseKeeping

Each release cycle of Fedora the distribution, Fedora infrastructure does some HouseKeeping and cleanup tasks. These tasks are tied to the Fedora release cycle as many of our contributors may arrive and work on a release, then have to reduce or change their time commitment. It also allows a regular and known process to make sure things are up to date and valid for the next release cycle. A ticket will be filed each release tracking the changes made and closed when tasks are all completed.

sysadmin account system groups

The sysadmin* groups in the Fedora Account system contain folks who have been sponsored to have permissions for various areas in infrastructure. People not using this access will be removed from the group(s) they no longer use. This allows us to know who is active in an area, to prevent contributors that no longer use their access from being a security risk and make sure things like tickets or information aren't going to those that no longer need or want it.

FIXME: add SOP of process and criteria for this in here.

Inactive mailing lists disabling

Mailing lists (on both and will be checked for inactivity. Inactive lists are sometimes used as a vector for spaming (spam list, then spam people directly with link to the list). We check for these inactive lists and set them to no email to avoid this problem. Lists can be re-activated by request.

Fedorahosted inactive projects

FIXME: when should we consider a project inactive? Should we archive them somehow? or just remove them entirely?

Cleanup of infrastructure yum repository

Fedora infrastructure has a yum repository for some packages that cannot be distributed in RHEL/EPEL. At this time, packages that are in the repo, but not installed anywhere will be pruned. SRPMS can optionally be kept for historical reasons.

Publictest instances check

Check to make sure all publictest instances that are allocated are still being used by the people signed up for them. Reap any that are no longer being used and have not been reinstalled since the last housecleaning.

Rebuild common servers

Rebuild some servers that should be very standard and well setup in puppet. This could include app* or proxy* machines.

Cleanup items on the post freeze todo

See that things marked for this release on the upcoming tasks page have been done, don't need to be done, or get ticketed.