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As of 2015-05-13, the new Fedora Infrastructure Private Cloud is ready for use. This document is used for managing the migration from the old folsom based cloud to the new icehouse based one. After this migration is complete, this page should be archived or removed.


The old fedora infrastructure private cloud is running openstack folsom. The new cloud is running icehouse and has newer hardware and storage backing it. Once clients are migrated over to the new cloud, all nodes of the old cloud will be re-installed. 2 will be left to be reinstalled with openstack kilo as a test cloudlet.


2015-05-?? start migration, notify users of access/passwords, etc. 2015-06-?? finish migration, destroy any leftover instances


  • Notify users with accounts of their new initial passwords (via gpg email)
  • Migrate persistent instances in ansible as time permits.
  • Schedule migration for larger users:
    • copr
    • twisted
    • jenkins
  • reinstall old cloud hardware
  • re-add some old cloud hardware as new compute nodes.
  • Install new kilo or whatever on fed-cloud01/02.