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This wiki page is a proposal for a new Community Initiative: Fedora bootc. This proposal is directed to the Fedora Council for review.



The Fedora community is the center of activity for implementing methods of configuring and managing image based Linux systems using OCI container tools.


The Fedora working groups that build and promote image-based Fedora variants improve the experiences of their contributors and their users, as well as those of prospective new image-based Fedora implementations, by working together to explore, refine and document the tools and processes around bootable containers.

Objective Leads


One year

Logic Model


A logic model of the Fedora bootc Community Initiative. There are five columns: Inputs, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes, Impact.

Expanded (full text)


  • Leads and Sponsor
  • Reps from WGs
  • Marketing Team support and outreach
  • User & community feedback


  • Identify opportunities to share base images
  • Identify and work through Fedora Infra issues
  • Document use of bootable container tools and processes
  • Promote the use of Fedora bootable containers with blog and mailing list posts, social media, and coordination with Fedora Marketing Team
  • Reach out to projects outside of Fedora proper that might want to collaborate


  • We will start building official base Fedora bootable container images.
  • All the image-mode Fedora variants will be built in a uniform way, sharing as much as possible with each other and the base images.
  • Updates on these variants will be shipped as OCI containers instead of via OSTree.
  • We will build up a CI story around the shared base images as a way to share CI efforts.
  • End-users (and “repackagers” like Universal Blue) will be able to build their own base images, or derive from the same official base images, or derive from one of the variants’ layered images.
  • We will ship dnf in these base images to make derivation easier.
  • Client-side logic currently in rpm-ostree will slowly be migrated to dnf.


  • Multiple image-based efforts sharing a base image
  • Full integration of bootable containers tooling in Fedora infra
  • New docs on bootable containers use



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  • 2024-05-03: Wiki page created. Largely from Google Docs.