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This is the central page for deliberation on the Events module for Insight.

The Use Cases for the same have already been chalked out on

  1. Insight_use_cases_for_events
  2. Recent Discussions on Logistics List

This page will dive into the more technical aspect of how to achieve those and outline the specific details too.

The Use Cases(once more)

  • It allows you to manage Sponsorships requests (by providing a link to the appropiate trac ticket)
  • It allows you to manage Attendance (Manage how are coming, food preferences and shirt sizes)
  • It allows you to manage Budget (Set a budget and see where it's all being used)
  • It allows you to define schedule, the topic and the presentator. After the event is done, a link to the slides or the video can be added so others can easily find it.
  • It allows you to get 'impressions' (Tweets / Dents) of a certain hashtag.
  • It allows you to link to photo galleries of the events, so others can share the pictures
  • Have people register for the events on Insight, rather than on the wiki. This makes it easier for us to send out reminder emails to attendees, etc.
  • Have event organizers put all the information in Insight, where it can handle multiple languages better than the wiki does currently. (And, to be honest, right now some of the information is on the wiki,some is on the event websites.)
  • Allow people to propose talks (and perhaps even vote on the talks they'd like to attend) via the website.

The Road-map

A new node type EVENT with the following fields

  • Name
  • Description
  • Topic
  • Presenter: Tried using Entity Reference module to make this field refer to users. The autocomplete feature is not working as expected and secondly it may lead to unnecessary overhead.
  • Venue: Using Location Module for this for better integration with Geo-Services and other stuff.
  • Display Picture
  • Time Slot (Start time and End Time)
  • Trac Ticket(*) : To help with sponsorship requests (some more information is required on how to use them)
  • Twitter Hashtag(*) : To create a custom display of Trending Tweets and help people share it on Twitter directly.
  • Link to Resources: Text field with unlimited values that shows up after the event end time linking to albums, videos, sldes, etc.

(Note: The fields marked with (*) are displayed differently i.e. in a drop down menu or alike)

Added a new field: Sponsor Basically it would be a custom fieldset comprising of a logo and description allowing event creators to upload a list of Sponsors. It would appear on a separate tab SPONSORS under event nodes and also have a link to the Trac-Ticket thereby handling the Use Case of Sponsors


For Attendance Management, the Event Node Type is integrated with Signup Module which records attendance, helps send reminder emails, accept/cancel signups, etc. The permission to administer signups is given to event creator and Event Manager role which is like the super admin of all events on Insight.

User details during Registration

This is the trickiest part of it all.

  • Option 1 : The user fills in predefined fields (something that the event creator has no control over).
  • Option 2 : We leave a field for Google Form embed link. This will give the event creator a great deal of control but leave Insight with no control whatsoever. This is because Google doesn't provide any API for Forms. Its just a plain simple Iframe(no javascript workarounds either)
  • Option 3 : We build a new Drupal module like Google Forms to record signup preferences. This would entail a great deal of coding(a new module in itself) and might prove too confusing.

Proposing Talks and Vote on them

In my opinion this can be better achieved if each FUDcon uses COD distribution. Doing this on Insight can lead to a lot of confusion.

I hope i have addressed all the Use Cases. Please edit this Wiki with your suggestions. You can follow progress of this module at Github