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The event is over. For more information see Event Report

Linux InstallFest - College of Engineering, Pune

When and Where

10am, 31st July 2010, FOSS Lab, Dept of Electronics and Telecommunication (Extn. Building), COEP, Pune, INDIA

Who Can Attend

  • Newbies and First Year students willing to adopt Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) as their academic/intellectual religion.
  • Curious People!
  • Anyone else willing to explore Linux

Do I have to Format My Whole Disk?

Not at all. But, backup your important data..just in case. Also, contrary to a false belief, Windows and Linux can co-exist (dual-boot) but its always appreciated to have an exclusive Linux box, all to yourself!

What Should I Bring?

If you have a laptop and wish to install Linux on it, then its always better to bring it. We have enough power supply slots and LAN ports at the venue. If you wish to install on a desktop system, special provision shall be made for you so that you get a hands on experience of installation. Installation Manuals and Installation Media (CDs) will be provided FREE of cost to those who require them.

Agenda (Chronologically)

  • A brief introduction to Linux
  • Choose your flavour
  • Distribution of Fedora LiveMedia, Ubuntu discs, Manuals and some cool stuff ;-)
  • Installation
  • Post-installation customization
  • Have fun with your Tux box!

Deadlines for Team

What Who Till Status
Procure Stickers & LiveMedia Suchakra/Amit 25th July, 2010 DONE!
Finalize Poster Design Suchakra 25th July, 2010 DONE!
Print Manuals/Leaflets/Posters Shravan/Amit 25th July, 2010 DONE!
Setup FOSS Lab for Event Admin Team 28th July, 2010 DONE


  • Fedora and Ubuntu Live USB creation
  • Inform people through mailing lists
  • Find out ways to gather guys from other departments

I'm going in!

Kindly add yourself here if you are coming to the event. We won't mind if you come unannounced too :-)

  • Suchakra - suchakra at fedoraproject dot org

Publicity Poster

Linux InstallFest @ COEP

Contact Suchakra for getting posters for your College/Institution.


  • Abhijit - abhijit13 at gmail dot com
  • Suchakra - suchakra at fedoraproject dot org - +91-9579317211
  • Shravan - aras08 dot comp at coep dot ac dot in - +91-9892715905
  • Amit - kathadeaa08 dot comp at coep dot ac dot in - +91-9011779713