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Test Environment

  • Virtualization
    • python-fedora installed
    • libvirt installed
    • qemu-kvm installed
    • python-virtinst installed
    • pax installed
    • service libvirtd started
  • Virtual disk (required for hd installation and ks hosted on hd)
    • libguestfs installed
    • python-libguestfs installed
  • Interaction with Desktop
    • Linux Desktop Test Project (LDTP)[[1]]
      • ldtp installed
      • python-ldtp installed
    • dogtail
  • Logging
    • service rsyslog started on host
    • rsyslog listening on specific port on host

Watcher and Download Images

Identify potential test drivers that trigger off of events.

  • Download Methods

To avoid multiple download for saving bandwidth and time, the following methods can be adopted:

    • mirror
    • proxy, such as squid

Image Sanity

  • size
  • sha256sum
  • md5sum
  • repoclosure for DVD
  • file conflict for DVD

Create Guest

  • virt-install

Boot Arguments

  • Linux Desktop Test Project [[2]]

The mapping of test cases with kick start files can be found at Testcase_Kickstart_Mapping

Virtue Disk

  • libguestfs


Watch Installation Steps

The installation steps can be watched by monitor the terminal output