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Les Journées du Logiciel Libre aka JDLL (Free Software Days) is a yearly Free Software event in Lyon (France) happening in mid october.

The event is organized by the local LUG ALDIL (Association Lyonnaise pour le Développement de l'Informatique Libre) and kindly hosted by CPE an engineering college.

It features community (GNOME, Debian, Mozilla, Afpy etc...) and professional (Mandriva, Linagora, and unfortunately not our kind sponsor RedHat) booths, conferences (technical and non technical tracks), workshops etc...

JDLL 2009 will the 11th edition and the 3rd consecutive presence of FedoraProject and Fedora-FR.

Where and When ?

  • Date : Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of October 2009
  • City : Lyon
  • Access : info


More information on JDLL official website.

Booth attendees

Nom Vendredi Samedi
Haïkel Guémar (ambassador) X X
Benoît Marcellin (ambassador) X X
François Trachez (booth leader) X X


  • Booth :
    • CD : done (150 CD)
    • banner : done
    • Flyers : done
    • Tshirt : done
  • Harware :
    • Computers : macbook, 2 Lenovo, one MSI, one box.
    • Plugs : provided by ALDIL