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Getting Java Applications into Fedora

We are interested in getting several Java-based applications into Fedora. To do that, there are many Java JAR dependencies which must get into Fedora. Currently JPackage's repository appears to be the best way forward.

This page will track the list of dependencies that various products have and the progress that has been made in getting these dependencies into JPackage and Fedora. It began life as a copy of the work that Lee Faus did for Alfresco. It currently tracks the dependencies for these products:

Alfresco, JasperServer

Dependencies Already in JPackage

JAR name Project Containing project/URL Information we have Who's working on this
acegi-security-1.0.1.jar JasperServer (Alfresco?) [1] JPackage HEAD (but not JPACKAGE-1_7)

mdahlman: JasperServer 3.0 uses this, but JasperServer Topaz will not since we are updating to Spring2 Security

activation-1.1.jar JasperServer [2] JavaBeans Activation Framework

"activation is JAF, any 'jaf' package will have it" -Fernando Nasser

addressing-1.0.jar Alfresco [3] JPackage
antlr-2.7.6.jar JasperServer [4] JPackage HEAD
antlr-runtime-3.0.jar JasperServer [5] antlr is incluced in JPackage (see above), but I see no mention of antlr-runtime.

"I am sure we have a full antlr as JBoss AS uses it." -Fernando Nasser

aopalliance-1.0.jar JasperServer [6] JPackage HEAD
asm-1.5.3.jar JasperServer [7] JPackage HEAD
asm-attrs-1.5.3.jar JasperServer [8] JPackage HEAD
aspectjrt-1.5.4.jar JasperServer [9] [10]

Possible problem since JPackage still has v1.5.3

avalon-framework-cvs-20020806.jar JasperServer [11] JPackage HEAD JPackage has some avalon-framework files... It's unclear if they are current or if they are compatible with this jar.

For now we can optimistically hope that JasperServer will be compatible with JPackage's more current version of this jar (4.1.5)

axis-1.4.jar JasperServer [12] JPackage HEAD
axis-jaxrpc-1.4.jar JasperServer [13] JPackage HEAD It's part of axis so maybe it is there... but I can't find this jar listed on JPackage. (Jaspersoft)

"AXIS is complete. It may be a difference in the name of the JARs." -Fernando Nasser

axis-saaj-1.4.jar JasperServer [14] JPackage HEAD It's part of axis so maybe it is there... but I can't find this jar listed on JPackage. (Jaspersoft)

"AXIS is complete. It may be a difference in the name of the JARs." -Fernando Nasser

axis-wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar JasperServer [15] JPackage HEAD
backport-util-concurrent-2.1.jar JasperServer [16] JPackage HEAD
batik-1.5-fop-0.20-5.jar JasperServer [17] JPackage HEAD
bcmail-jdk14-136.jar JasperServer [18] [19]
bcprov-jdk14-136.jar JasperServer [20] [21]
bcprovs-1.3.1.jar JasperServer [22] [23]
bsh-1.3.0.jar JasperServer [24] [25]
castor-1.0.jar JasperServer [26] JPackage HEAD
cglib-2.1_3.jar JasperServer [27] JPackage HEAD
commons-beanutils-1.7.0.jar JasperServer [28] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-beanutils)
commons-cli-1.0.jar JasperServer [29] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-cli)
commons-codec-1.2.jar JasperServer [30] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-codec)
commons-collections-3.2.jar JasperServer [31] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-collections)
commons-dbcp-1.2.1.jar JasperServer [32] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-dbcp)
commons-digester-1.7.jar JasperServer [33] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-digester)
commons-discovery-0.2.jar JasperServer [34] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-discovery)
commons-fileupload-1.1.1.jar JasperServer [35] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-fileupload)
commons-httpclient-3.0.jar JasperServer [36] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-httpclient)
commons-io-1.1.jar JasperServer [37] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-io)
commons-jxpath-1.2.jar Alfresco [38] JPackage has this (jakarta-commons-jxpath)
commons-lang-2.1.jar JasperServer [39] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-lang)
commons-logging-1.0.4.jar JasperServer [40] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-logging)
commons-math-1.0.jar JasperServer [41] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-math)
commons-pool-1.2.jar JasperServer [42] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-pool)
commons-vfs-1.0.jar JasperServer [43] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-commons-vfs)
dom4j-1.6.1.jar JasperServer [44] JPackage HEAD
ehcache-1.4.1.jar; ehcache-1.4.1-patched.jar JasperServer; Alfresco [45] JPackage has this
fop-0.20.5.jar JasperServer [46] JPackage HEAD
freemarker.jar Alfresco [47] JPackage has this
js-1.6R5.jar JasperServer [48] [49]
groovy-all-minimal-1.0.jar JasperServer [50] JPackage HEAD JasperServer [51] JPackage HEAD
htmlparser-1.6.jar Alfresco [52]
itext-1.3.1.jar JasperServer [53] JPackage HEAD
jakarta-regexp-1.4.jar JasperServer [54] JPackage HEAD (regexp)
javacup-0.10k.jar JasperServer [55] ( links to a different--obsolete--site) JPackage HEAD
jaxen-1.1-beta-8.jar JasperServer [56] JPackage HEAD
jaxrpc.jar Alfresco [57]
jcommon-1.0.0.jar JasperServer [58] JPackage HEAD
jdom-1.0.jar JasperServer [59] JPackage HEAD
jfreechart-1.0.3.jar JasperServer [60] JPackage HEAD
jibx-bind.jar jibx-run.jar Alfresco [61] JPackage has this
jsf-api-1.1.jar JasperServer [62]

"jsf is there from glassfish-*" -Fernando Nasser

jsr107cache-1.0.jar JasperServer [63] [64]
jstl-1.1.2.jar; jstl-1.1.0.jar JasperServer; Alfresco [65] [66] [67] JPackage

"jstl is there from glassfish-*" -Fernando Nasser

log4j-1.2.12.jar JasperServer [68] JPackage HEAD
lucene-analyzers-2.1.0.jar lucene-snowball-2.1.0.jar Alfresco [69] [70]
mail-1.4.jar JasperServer [71] [72]

"mail is JAF, any 'jaf' package will have it" -Fernando Nasser

myfaces-api-1.1.5.jar Alfresco JPackage has this
odmg-3.0.jar Alfresco JPackage has this
ognl-2.7.jar JasperServer [73] JPackage HEAD
oro-2.0.8.jar JasperServer [74] JPackage HEAD (jakarta-oro)
opensaml-1.0.1.jar Alfresco JPackage has this
pdfbox-0.7.3.jar Alfresco JPackage has this
poi-3.0.2.jar Alfresco JPackage has this (I think -- overholt)
portlet-api-lib.jar Alfresco This URL doesn't look right. What about the JBoss implementation? -- overholt] JPackage
quartz-1.5.1.jar, quartz-1.6.0.jar JasperServer, Alfresco [75] OpenSymphony Scheduler JPackage (?)
resolver.jar Alfresco [76] Apache XML Commons Part of Xerces if we want to include it
rhino-js-1.6R7.jar; js-1.6R5.jar Alfresco; JasperServer We're pretty confident this is just the js.jar that's part of the rhino package in Fedora. (Alfresco)
saaj.jar Alfresco [77] [ An implementation of this is in axis which is in Fedora
saxpath.jar Alfresco CodeHaus page Saxpath became a part of jaxen. We should ask Alfresco to build and test with jaxen instead.
shale-test-1.0.4.jar Alfresco Shale test sub-project JPackage
sitemesh-2.2.1.jar JasperServer [78] JPackage HEAD (only in the attic?)
spring-2.0.2.jar Alfresco [79] JPackage. See also here. Alexander Kurtakov has also stated that bsh, jruby, and groovy are needed for the scripting support.
org.springframework.binding-2.0.3.RELEASE.jar JasperServer [80]
org.springframework.js-2.0.3.RELEASE.jar JasperServer [81]
org.springframework.webflow-2.0.3.RELEASE.jar JasperServer [82]
spring-2.5.5.jar JasperServer [83] [84]
spring-security-core-2.0.3.jar JasperServer [85] [86]
spring-security-taglibs-2.0.3.jar JasperServer [87] [88]
spring-web-2.5.5.jar JasperServer [89] [90]
spring-webmvc-2.5.5.jar JasperServer [91] [92]
standard.jar Alfresco same as JSTL
standard-1.1.2.jar JasperServer [93] [94]
tm-extractors-0.4_patched.jar Alfresco TextMining JPackage. The "_patched" scares me -- overholt
wss4j.jar Alfresco Apache WSS4J JPackage and JPackage
xalan-2.4.1.jar JasperServer [95] JPackage HEAD (xalan-j2)
xbean-2.2.0.jar JasperServer [96] JPackage HEAD
xercesImpl-2.6.0.jar JasperServer [97] JPackage HEAD (xerces-j2)
xmlbeans-jsr173-api-2.0-dev.jar JasperServer [98] JPackage HEAD (xmlbean)
xstream-1.1.3.jar, xstream-1.2.2.jar Alfresco, JasperServer JPackage has xstream.

Dependencies Not Already in JPackage

JAR name Project Containing project/URL Information we have Who's working on this
acegi-security-0.8.2_patched.jar Alfresco [99] As noted above, acegi-security is in JPackage... but the details are not completely clear. JPackage MAIN
barbecue-1.1.jar JasperServer [100]
chiba-1.3.0.jar Alfresco Chiba 1.4.0 build uses maven and requires: org.apache.maven.wagon:wagon-webdav:jar:1.0-beta-2
fontbox-0.1.0.jar Alfresco [101]
guessencoding-1.0.jar Alfresco CodeHaus homepage Maven POM
hrtlib.jar Alfresco [102]
jai_codec-1.1_mr.jar JasperServer [103], [104]
jai_core-1.1_mr.jar JasperServer [105], [106]
jbpm-identity-3.2.jar jbpm-jpdl-3.2-patched.jar Alfresco [107]
jcr-1.0.jar Alfresco [108]
jdtcore-3.1.0.jar JasperServer [109]
jid3lib-0.5.jar Alfresco [110]
JMagick.jar Alfresco [111]
jooconverter-2.1.0.jar Alfresco [112]
json-org-1.0.jar JasperServer
jta Alfresco [113] This should be in Fedora
jta-1.0.1B.jar JasperServer [114]
jug-lgpl-2.0.0.jar Alfresco [115] CodeHaus UUID Generator
jxl-2.6.jar JasperServer [116]
odf_utils.jar Alfresco odf_utils This is very small: only a few classes.
openoffice-sandbox-2.0.3.jar Alfresco [117] UDK for OpenOffice ????
png-encoder-1.5.jar JasperServer [118]
springmodules-jbpm31.jar Alfresco It looks like is gone. maven mirror
subetha-smtp.jar Alfresco SubEthaSMTP This stuff is in lib/ and there's no build.xml/pom.xml: activation.jar, junit.jar, mail.jar, mina-core-1.1.3.jar, mina-filter-ssl-1.1.3.jar, mina-integration-jmx-1.1.3.jar, slf4j-api-1.4.3.jar, slf4j-jdk14-1.4.3.jar
tlc124.jar Alfresco TrueLicense Library Collection Building from source information on the website
tomcat-coyote.jar Alfresco Tomcat Connectors (?) I feel like we used to have this in Fedora -- overholt
truezip.jar Alfresco truezip

Dependencies Already in Fedora (move packages above here when they're available in Fedora)

JAR name Project Containing project/URL Information we have Who's working on this
openoffice-juh-2.0.3.jar Alfresco [119] UDK for OpenOffice rpm
openoffice-jurt-2.0.3.jar Alfresco [120] UDK for OpenOffice rpm
openoffice-ridl-2.0.3.jar Alfresco [121] UDK for OpenOffice rpm
openoffice-unoil-2.0.3.jar Alfresco [122] UDK for OpenOffice rpm