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DKMS Payload Proposal


Allow out of tree kernel module source code to be packaged into Fedora noarch rpms for use with client-side rebuilding using dkms.


  • Name: JefSpaleta

Detailed Description

DKMS can be used to rebuild modules from source as needed against installed binary kernels. DKMS is currently available In Fedora and we can make use of this technology as an alternative to binary kmod packages for out of tree modules. What we would need are "source-only dkms payload" packages for each module. Such packages would include the necessary kernel module source code and dkms specific configuration files and rpm scriptlets so dkms can manage local rebuilding of the module source code as new kernels are installed.

A good start for reference policy would be:

It would make the most sense to use dkms source-only payload packages with modules that we believe have the potential for being mainlined. DKMS source-only payload packages could be reviewed on a Fedora release basis to see if active progress has been made towards mainlining the module. If adequate progress has been made, the payload package would continue to be included in Fedora for continued testing. If there is no progress, then the DKMS payload package may be dropped from Fedora. Such a review policy would be consistent with our commitment to working as closely with upstream as possible.

Benefit to Fedora

DKMS payload packages could be a possible way to help bring experimental kernel modules into the hands of Fedora users for testing as part of a larger effort to get these modules mainlined.

source-only DKMS packages would also avoid the complexity of asynchronous re-building of kernel module packages in the Fedora build system.