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Infrastructure Track

Jeroen van Meeuwen

Experience next generation system management with new technologies advancing to your system infrastructure, in terms of provisioning, configuration and system management. Throughout each of the three sessions you will be shown a brand new innovative and interesting technology and be shown how these integrate with the other technologies on show to ease your system administration.

System Configuration Management with Puppet

Experience the true benefit of next-generation, centralized system configuration management with highly abstract addressing of managed system resources ensuring your environment is as consistent as humanly possible, while configured and managed as flexible as if you were to do so manually.

About Jeroen van Meeuwen

Jeroen van Meeuwen has been a die-hard Linux user ever since Red Hat Linux 5.2 (Sept. 1998). He has worked with the Fedora Project on several components and projects. For one, Jeroen is the author of Revisor – a distribution compose tool that enables anyone to customize, remix or remaster the Fedora distribution. With the Fedora Unity Project, Jeroen has remastered Fedora, re-introduced CD media, built and released the infamous Everything Spin, and as the Spins SIG leader, is now also in charge of the approval and creation of all Fedora live media.

From within both the Fedora Infrastructure and his job, Jeroen has a lot of experience with Puppet. Having authored an OPL-licensed workshop based on Puppet and, Jeroen certainly is an expert on large-scale configuration management.

Having done the largest part of his work for the Fedora Project in his own free time, Jeroen was awarded RHCE of the Year 2008.