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Jetty Update

There is a lot of work to do to update the version of Jetty in Fedora.

Jetty 6.1.*

We plan to update Jetty to the latest 6.1 release and should be ready in time for Fedora 12. The main tracker bug is bug 486360. Be sure to file any issues that are a part of this work as blockers of that bug.

In order to build some of the packages below that are higher up the dependency chain, you will need some of the packages lower on the dependency chain. If a simple yum --enablerepo=rawhide install of the packages you need doesn't work, you can try the repository of just-built packages, adjusting for your architecture as appropriate:

name=Fedora 12 - i386

and then use yum --enablerepo=koji install

Packages that are done

Packages that need work and/or reviews

  • maven-plugin-release - new package (overholt is working on this; can't use 2.0-beta-9 because it needs a newer maven-scm and can't use -5 because it also needs a newer maven-scm; trying -4)

Jetty 7

This is the version of Jetty with release planned for 2009-09-08.