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Well i am currently the only known linux technican in beeville, Tx. I am and willing to setup workshops in the area to help promote linux as well as teach others on the world that is linux Currently i am working on a linux Distros Web Cast show on bliptv to showcase different linux distros and how to install those distros for the every day user that has never herd of or used linux. I have been in the computer industry since i was 9 years old and been using linux since i first found slackware 1.0 on the net and started using it from floppies to install. i then moved over to red hat linux with version 4 and then been using it since then i have moved into the fedora core i have tried alot of distro and always find myself coming back to fedora in the end. I am also a freelance CG Artist and a Airbrush artist and run a small airbrush shop in south texas. If anyone needs shirts airbrushed for a FUDCon don't be afraid to ask, always willing to support the linux community and fedora.