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~-* Thoughts of JohnBaer, Art Team Member-~


The workings of Open Source are complex and keeping all of the right people in the loop can be challanging.

Rules of Engagement

1. Team Identity

Every team effort of the fedora community should be identified. That identity should be made public with a statement of purpose posted to a fedora wiki page. If there are dependancies to other teams they should be stated. When a solicitation is made requesting a person to join, that person should have a clear vision of the teams goals and objectives.

1. Team Hierarchy

Every team should have a member who acts in the following capacity.

1.1 Liaison

The team liaison is the champion of the team and participates and guides the team in their efforts. This person also participate in other teams which share a dependance.

File:JohnBaer ArtProcess teamConcept.png

1.2 Project Lead

Every project the team is activity engaged in should have a project lead. The project lead is the champion of the project and is responsible for it's execution.

1.3 Members

Members are individuals who have expressed a desire to contribute to the efforts of the team. A member may be involved in multiple projects and is coached by the project lead and team liaison.

1.4 Optional Board

Some teams may find it necessary to have goverance. Typically these boards would consist of the team liaison and project leads.

Code of Conduct

Participation in the community is voluntary and it is expected every team member will act in accordance to the following values.

~-Equality-~ ~-Without bias or prejudice of gender, culture, race, or creed-~
~-Love-~ ~-Treat others as you would like to be treated-~
~-Integrity-~ ~-Wanting only the best for the community-~
~-Excellence-~ ~-Your best try-~
~-Inclusion-~ ~-All are welcomed, encourage others to join-~
~-Teamwork-~ ~-Share the effort-~

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